Saturday, 14 November 2009

"with the minds of prehistoric rainworms, we can travel through time"

Castro and myself visited Rimini and Rome over the Summer. Finding a hidden treasure within the confines of an overgrown and desolate courtyard. Subsequent to prizing open the door to reveal what contained carcasses of pigeons, floor covered in excrement, decrepit school desks and tarten sheets overhanging the ceiling, a 5am set-off on hired bicycles and with a bounty of paper, home-made-glue (for snack attax) and paints, we embued Bear Gami upon the walls and left after 6 hours of inhaling the shit and sweet delights of pasting our imaginations upon the walls.
The first eFactist exhibition of sorts.

Bring on Stockholm.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

huckleberry gravy

Monday, 9 November 2009



i'm a cheat
a thief
a complete despondent

i'm your home
your smile
your desire reconciled

I condensate for us
I condensate for me
I condensate for you
a storm to bring us sea

i'm the naked lumbar stripped from your body
i'm the rainwater dripping on your shoe incessantly
through the permeable bus stop roof above your head
i'm watching over you
just like she said

I condensate for us
I condensate for them
I condensate for others
a storm to bring us sea

i'm the hazel of your iris
simmer in copper pots
my bubbles clamber up and over
like the 23rd Division
France & Flanders
August 1915
wailed in orchestrated
God rest there souls
and allow God to rest
for two minutes
a classroom of pupils
suffering steam
and condensation
oh the heat!
the flames!
of the oil and the gas!
of the price that we pay
for the price of today

I'll sell you your home
for the dead
for the married
few locked in time
with no body

I condensate for us
that's all we'll remember
I condensate for you
and that's all we'll ever do
I condensate for others
to commemorate the living
a storm to bring us sea
just remember death is true