Friday, 20 November 2009


BEAR GAMI and CLINIC swooping into North London like eagles spread bare with legs hooked up over beaks and slipping over a recently washed, tiled, kitchen floor.

Monday, 16 November 2009



Sunday, 15 November 2009



For when walking in new, unchartered territories, or surrounded by peoples that create a sense of unease in your mind. Drop the walls. You have created an unhealthy Other, a vehicle of which you have allowed to carry your projections of fear onto. Any excuse to return to the womb. Now drop the walls, the concept, don't allow your self to forget the adventure.
We can only ever be found if we are lost.
So remove the tag from your bag/pocket/carrying apparatus.
Hold tag at eye level.
Repeat 'This is Ours' five times aloud.
Regardless of who surrounds you.
Remind your self that the Other you have created is only an array of symbols embodied in a detached sense of existence. Although you may be scared, the floor we walk on together is always ours, the air we breathe is ours and the sight, the language, is ours.
Feel at ease.
Bend those knees.
Ha ha.