Sunday, 11 October 2009

That's 30 Pence Please

My favourite carpenter Alan Welsh will soon be releasing a four song EP.
The EP is currently untitled.
But the Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Just Like That
2. Cardboard Hilltop
3. Trains Are Broken
4. Emergency

His musics leave me betwixt and between conscious and the unconscious state of doing.
In fact, just the other night I fell asleep with headphones on and as the EP filtered into my dreams, I awoke to find myself naively smiling like drunk person reflecting childhood nostalgia.
He has asked and I have accepted to make some artworx, so the above is just a test as to what may or may not work.

The digital clock says 23:33.


Camden : 29.09.09

midwives push me in the river
with the spit and curse.
as my body hits
water grains of transportation copulate with atoms.
my back
crashes into dune
i'm lying in the desert
with nano-structures of socratic truth
stuck inbetween my teeth.
hands begin groping from beneath sand
gripping the sides of my torso
and limbs.
body begins to secrete
translucent goblets
seeping through pores
and i become a wax entity.
continuous push up to heavens
as i begin to melt
wax drooping through fingers
and arms.
i disappear.
providing the sand
with its needs
the hands retract into earth
with skin