Tuesday, 22 September 2009


the good the bad the ugly is a conceptual notion materialized into a physical 'zine form for physical pleasures and published below for those who prefer the intangible delights of the digital era.

The 'zines are limited to 30 and are bound with a piece of red card I found on the floor.
It will totally be available at 'zine fairs/symposiums/the cupboard behind your bathroom mirror for £3 or £4 with a poster, oh hang on!...The posters aren't screen-printed so don't expect to slather drool over the authentic hand-made-D.I.Y-harder-than-Ian-MacKaye-limited-for-your-pleasure-and-nobody-elses. They'll just be ink on paper but the wrestlers are well amusing so glue it to the cage of your pet budgie.

Here's a JPEG of one..

"I think I need some ketameen"

Of course I should definitely type up the conceptual notion but then that'd deter any point of interaction about the 'zine in person possibly...we've got to take an interest and ask somewhere along a line right?

Parminedes saw the world divided into pairs of being/non-being. One half of the opposition he called positive, the other negative.
Which one is the positive?
Which is YOUR negative?

digital promise.

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