Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2012: An Intergalactic Guide to the Birth of Newmanity

Another book, this one comes with free badge and is SLIGHTLY smaller than your standard A5 spread. Conceptual notion of adhering to potions.
'2012...' collage book of man's obsession with our continuous logging of earth samples to satisfy proof of 'nature' in the gods eye (in fact the eye of man and only ever, man) in a trade for sacrificial science of proof, of a knowledge in man of what is perceived as humankind's idea of nature only to crumble at creation of flag, all wrapped up in prayer like winnie the pooh's fists stuck together by jizz and the imaginary order of honey treacling down tigger's tail.

i admit my weaknesses, i'm ill with 10kg weights for eye-lids.

enjoy pictorial evidence.


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