Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A DREAM – 05/03/10

I held a slither of my brothers face,
stroking left cheek.
his eye still staring
the lids holding us in.
he had sent himself.

humans at war with the rainbows,
i never understand.
dispatched to translucency in
a place they call home
as we watch the rise
of an absent shade,
the sky indescribable,
a flash-pan of startling intrusions.
smoke rippling
where bodies explode
due to gun fire impact from below.

arching towards the right,
over a dragons shoulder
i see the ripple...
"that was him"
have you ever lived without a doubt?
neither had i, but this new light was real.

squidge between fingertips
what, how and when do i reveal
his death to my sister?
patience, problems, the waiting game.
perhaps mother first?
a tricky procedure to endure
with the tear process restricting my grip on the words,
tendents freeze.
contacts disable.
my mobile phone is out of credit.

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